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Tydusis - Shattering Soul Tydusis - Shattering Soul

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Loved it after 1:50

So, you're new to Trance I see. Well, what you have created here is very creative if what you are trying to make is Trance. That's a good thing.

I would really work on these couple of things for your next song. First, make a better syncopated pattern for each instrument. That way, the song can have more energy and then release it in the climax. Secondly, there needs to be some sort of chord structure in the song. The only thing that I hear is one note with odd melodies topped to each other.

Overall, there is a hint of talent in this song that just needs more work on in order to shine. Keep practicing and then you'll get there in a matter of years. :P

One more thing: I highly checking out this song by Cressida, it's called Two-O-Ten. Have a listen, and then you would get a better idea of how to structure a Trance song. However, make sure to not lose your creativity while doing so. :)



~ Luxomni

~Delta~ Clever Mind (Club Mix) ~Delta~ Clever Mind (Club Mix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome stuff!

You surely showed some talent in this House tune, man. I really like the expression and style in the chord progression. The background synths sounded sick too.

On the other hand, you put in a lot of reverb in this track. It did have a very nice atmospheric touchy feeling to it, but as a result the song lacked some energy. Also, I did not hear a lot of bass. Perhaps you should lower the reverb, and increase the bass and mid frequencies of your mix to really make this track pumpin'.

Keep up the good work, I will definitely be looking forward for more of your releases.

Could you please review me back on my latest House submission? I'm not the best at it, so maybe you could help me out on it. :)

~ Luxomni

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Cobra Remake (WiP) Cobra Remake (WiP)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice intro.

All of your instruments flowed nicely together, but I think there could have been a bigger build up towards your main theme of the song. Then again, it is only a WIP so I am sure you have thought of that. ;)

I'm terrible at reviewing WIPs, because I don't know what the other person has planned for the song. Therefore, I'll end this review now. (I am also in the public library with limited time). Excuses, I know.

By the way, I uploaded a new song incase you are interested.

Enough rambling. Me go now. BYE.

~ Luxomni

Step responds:

Lol, thanks! I agree about the buildup thing. I'm proud of it but I do think I could bring it out more without making the song clip. Which is what I find very hard :P.

Yeah I'm pretty bad at reviewing WiP's too, haha. Anyways thanks for reviewing!