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Thanks for Top 5!

2011-11-09 17:25:31 by Luxomni

I appreciate all the feedback, guys. I think I may start an album!

I rock the Techno world.

2011-11-02 17:48:04 by Luxomni

Here is a new bangin' new track by yours truly. Enjoy!

Luxomni - Fresh Meat

I have always liked Techno with a bit of Funk / Psy, and it turns out that I can make it too.

Luxomni - Naive To Signals

New music.

2011-10-15 13:03:56 by Luxomni

Have a listen to my latest Zelda remix! I rarely compose in 6/8, but for the first time it turned out really well.

Great Fairy (Luxomni's Remix)